1. All prices are net and in euros.
  2. Availability and prices of the lots are subject to change without notice.
  3. Shipping costs and insurance are paid by the buyer. (All shipments are insured for the full amount).
  4. All sales are in cash and in Euros.
  5. We within 7 DAYS from receipt of order for RETURNS or CLAIM is properly reasoned and JUSTIFIED. NO NO REFUNDS lots that are not in the same condition they were sent to the client and not after the deadline indicated will be accepted.
  6. NO returns SET LOTS accepted, so please be duly examined.
  7. It is the obligation of the buyer to comply with tax and customs regulations in force in Spain.
  8. Customers/users are fully responsible for their actions, so any attempt to distortion or manipulation, sabotage, etc., of any functions and/or purposes of this shop, will be prosecuted by law. Likewise, it is expressly prohibited the use of any information content and/or derivative thereof without written consent of Numag.
  9. Numag guarantees the authenticity of the lots listed in the store at a fixed price, unless otherwise indicated.
  10. Numag may, at its discretion, refuse any order or purchase.
  11. Numag reserves the right to withdraw the lots it deems appropriate and without notice.
  12. Numag not responsible under any circumstances for any malfunction or failure caused by or computer systems or any other, both their own and others.
  13. Payment of the lots or amoun/s purchase/s must be made by check, Join in Acct., Credit Card (Secure purchase) etc .. can also be done in the form of Cash, whenever the area or country destination permits. In any case you will not be sent any request that has not previously received the full amount.
  14. Sending lots will be made as soon as possible, and when conditions are met the previous point. Lots remain the property of Numag until it has been paid and/or buttoned the total amount.
  15. If the customer leaves the online shop, you've put lots or loaded in your shopping cart will be saved up to 20 minutes. If after this time the buyer has not processed the final purchase the system will free them and make them again available to other customers. In any case Numag may require the customer/buyer, for misuse of the store, if considered, damages and costs that may arise because of the claim. Numag could void for all purposes the purchase order reason for the request, without the buyer has, under any circumstances, be entitled to any claim.
  16. Any case of litigation that may arise from the sale will be submitted to the courts of Barcelona.